GCBE 2024 Class Registration + (Wholesale Buyer/Instructor-Assistants Badge Registration)

Thank you all for an amazing GCBE 2024!

We’d like to thank all of the wonderful Sponsors, Exhibitors, Instructors, Instructor Assistants, Students and Attendees for making GCBE 2024 arguably the best one ever! It was such a pleasure seeing all the wonderful art being created during classes, the amazing products and art on the show floor, and all the friendships flourishing throughout the show. We hope you all had an amazingly unforgettable and memorable experience like we did at Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2024!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone (1-800-217-4527) / email (support@lvmanagement.com) / social media (@glasscraftandbeadexpo) with any ideas/feedback on what we can do to make this event even better!

Thank you again and hope to see you all next year at Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2025!